BeaversEdge - DAY 7 NUGGETS: Rotations Starting To Show
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DAY 7 NUGGETS: Rotations Starting To Show

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With the Oregon State football team taking to the Prothro Practice Fields on Tuesday for its seventh practice of spring football 2021, Managing Editor Brenden Slaughter has the scoop from practice...

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- After completing its first scrimmage of spring football 2021 on Saturday, Oregon State returned to the Prothro Practice Fields on Tuesday for its seventh day. As has been the case in the Pacific Northwest the last few days, you couldn't ask for better weather...

- Head coach Jonathan Smith said after Saturday's scrimmage that the team now had some really good film to be able to break down and analyze over the weekend, so seeing some different twists on rotations was exciting to see on Tuesday.

- As far as the quarterback pecking order went today, Chance Nolan was the first quarterback to take reps with the 1's, followed by Ben Gulbranson. Sam Vidlak continued to work with the second and third teams today.

- In terms of the standout amongst the three, it was Gulbranson. The 6-foot-3, 216-pound freshman has developed a nice rapport with Zeriah Beason, as the two seem to regularly link up over the course of practice. I mentioned last week that I thought this chemistry was starting to develop and today was just the most recent example.

- Speaking of Beason, he's having himself quite the spring as he's definitely taken a huge step this offseason. He scored several times on Tuesday, including a couple of long touchdowns. He's definitely in the mix for most improved from last season as he looks like a seasoned veteran who has been around for more than just one season.

- Gulbranson also linked up with Silas Bolden on a deep fade on the sideline right in front of us. Bolden obviously isn't the biggest guy at 5-foot-8, 150-pounds, but he's been a consistent target for all the quarterbacks here in the first few weeks as he's seemingly made a big catch at least once a practice.

- A look at the first-team offense

LT - Joshua Gray

LG - Jake Levengood

C - Tanner Miller

RG - Thomas Sio

RT - Taliese Fuaga

QB - Chance Nolan / Ben Gulbranson

RB - B.J. Baylor / Deshaun Fenwick

WR - Silas Bolden

WR - Champ Flemings / Trevor Pope

WR - Zeriah Beason / Champ Flemings

TE - Teagan Quitoriano /Luke Musgrave / Jake Overman / Tommy Spencer

For the full practice report, including full first/second team rotations and the latest on injuries, CLICK HERE


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