BeaversEdge - DAY 5 NUGGETS: Beavers Gearing Up For Saturday Scrimmage
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DAY 5 NUGGETS: Beavers Gearing Up For Saturday Scrimmage

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With the Oregon State football team taking to Reser Stadium on Thursday for its fifth practice of spring football 2021, Managing Editor Brenden Slaughter has the scoop from practice...

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- After spending the first four practices on the Prothro Practice Fields, the Oregon State football team took to Reser Stadium Thursday for its fifth practice of spring football.

- With the Beavers gearing up for its first scrimmage of the spring session on Saturday, the vibe was a little different than the past couple of practices. Today seemed more like a maintenance day as far as being in sync with the routine, playbook, each other, etc. The focus and attention to detail were on point, but today was a touch less intense than in recent sessions.

- In terms of a position group that stood out to me today, I'd say the defensive line. There was less team work today compared to the previous practices, but there were a couple of moments where the d-line was solid.

- The first was during 11-on-11 work where the unit managed to be disruptive enough to force a fumbled handoff between Sam Vidlak & Ta'Ron Madison. Additionally, there were a couple of designed run plays that didn't go anywhere during the same 11-on-11 period, so seeing growth in terms of being able to push the o-line backward is very much welcomed.

- Speaking of Vidlak, he had a really nice throw during the 7-on-7 work to close out practice as he fit a bullet of a pass right on Tre'Shaun Harrison's number. One of the better throws in coverage I've seen him make.

- Running back Isaiah Newell also caught my eye today as it was the first time this spring I've been able to see him make a notable play. During the 11-on-11 work, he took a handoff from Vidlak and had a nice little gain. Haven't seen much of him before this point, so he'll be someone I keep an eye on.

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