BeaversEdge - Influx Of 2022 Offers Marks A Busy Future For Oregon State Recruiting
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Influx Of 2022 Offers Marks A Busy Future For Oregon State Recruiting

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If you are a fan of Oregon State football and have been paying attention to what the staff is doing on the recruiting trail, one thing is definitely clear: very busy times are ahead.

Coach Jonathan Smith and his staff, despite limitations, have been sending out a large amount of offers to members of the class of 2022, and are even beginning to put as much effort into that class as the current one. As we wrote about on Monday, Oregon State recruiting is in a good position for 2021 and beyond for multiple reasons. In fact, not having the chance to host/visit recruits for the last several months has given the staff plenty of time to evaluate future talent, and you are seeing all of that work start to hit the next level with many relationships being built early on.

If you take a look at the numbers, it's pretty black and white. The Beavs have offered nearly 80 prospects in the class of 2022 already and we are only in the middle of September. Many of them have been recent. Another number that stands out is the average star rating of the current offers. Nearly half (37) of the offers so far have been to 4 & 5 star players, and 26 have gone to three-star players - signifying that the coaches will be going for some big fish for 2022.

The Beaver staff have boosted their social media presence throughout COVID and have been staying in front of recruits by using a series of personalized graphics, videos, letters and more. Relationships are the name of the game, so being proactive in their recruiting has certainly helped the Beavers get off to a great start for the class of 2022. When you are trying to reel in top prospects it is an absolute necessity.

They will certainly have their work cut out for them, but it will be interesting to watch how their efforts pay off throughout the next year and a half.


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