Top rated JUCO tackle re-opens recruitment

This morning Myles Wade of Portland, Oregon, who is one of the nations top ranked Junior College transfers, made it known that his commitment to play for the Oregon Ducks next season is no longer in place. Wade is a 4-star rated linemen and at 16 years of age was the top selection of the Oregon Ducks in the class of 2007, but had to complete a 2 year associate degree first.
In the Fall of 2007, and at the request of the Oregon Coaching Staff, Wade enrolled and played at Arizona Western Junior College. While there he had 7.5 sacks and 62 tackles and was a second team All American. This year Wade was asked by Oregon to take the 2008 season off from football so that he would still have three years of eligibility and to obtain his degree.
During the first week of 2008 in which offers were permitted by the NCAA Wade again received an offer from Oregon. In return Wade verbally committed to them per the recruiting plan designed by Oregon. With the announcement today Wade is citing "irreconcilable differences" with the Ducks program and staff as a reason for opening up his recruitment.
Wade is considered one of the most physical high school players out of the State of Oregon and is known for his speed and agility despite his 315 pound frame.
Wade is currently ranked by some ratings as #2 in the nation for Junior College Defensive Tackles and #5 overall. He is a powerful defensive tackle and has been noted for his inner drive and 4 quarter endurance as well as his obvious brute strength.
"I have been working closely with the U of O academic advisor on a plan she laid out for me. I'm on track academically to graduate and I am pulling A's and B's. I am very grateful for her help" said a confident Wade.
"At this point I am in better physical shape than I have ever been and will be ready to play and compete for a starting position for anybody. I took on 18 core credit hours last summer, and I am currently enrolled in 19 core credit hours this fall. I am working out 5 to 6 days per week at 5:30 AM before school. I am also coaching every night with the local CYO youth football league" he added.
"I am really interested in several teams and want to be a work horse for whoever I play with. Right now I am focusing on finishing my degree and giving back to the community" said Wade.
"The Oregon Coaching staff requested I take this year off and that has been very hard for me. When you play football every year with really no off season it becomes a big part of your life. I love this game and when I finally get back on that field, and I will, it's going to be so special to me. My granny never did see me play college ball and because of my moms illness she may never see me play either. I have some making up to do. Wherever I am playing next year I promise you I am going to take advantage of every down." Myles said responding to a question about not playing this season.
"This time away has been has made me really appreciate the game so much more. You have to honor it for what it is...the greatest game ever played. At this point I am just really excited for where my future will take me. Once I am settled on a University I want to contribute to the team in a big way; hopefully we can win bowl games and championships", Wade offered thoughtfully.
Wade says he is hearing from and would like to hear from UCLA, Oregon State, USC, CAL, Arizona, Boise State, LSU, SMU, Hawaii, Colorado, PSU and others. He indicated that his first Choice would be to play in the PAC 10 with Oregon State being an inside favorite right now. Wade will need to decide by December 20th, 2008, which is National Letter of Intent Day. Anyone that has met or seen Wade up close and personal can understand the potential that this young man can bring to a football team. This will be an interesting twist in this already wild recruiting year as Wade is expected to compete for a starting role wherever he lands and will be unique in the fact he has 3 years left to play. More to follow on this story!
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