Ticket Prices Soar for Civil War

As the 116th annual Civil War draws near, ticket prices are at the highest level that we've seen for an Oregon vs. Oregon State game since 2010, and so far rank as the most expensive college football game ticket played in the state of Oregon since 2010. Our partners at broke down some of the trends for us.
At an average price of $213.29, the Civil War matchup this weekend is the most expensive ticketof any Civil War game dating back to 2010. The 2010 game in Corvallis had an average ticket price of $205, while the 2011 game in Eugene had an average ticket price of $164.
Current demand for 2012 Civil War tickets is so high that this game will likely turn out to be the most in-demand college game played in the state of Oregon since 2010. No Oregon State home game in that timespan has seen a higher average ticket price, whereas the toughest Oregon Ducks home tickets within the past 3 years have been games against Oregon State in 2011 ($164) and Stanford last weekend ($155).
As compared to other rivalry games this weekend, Oregon at Oregon State ranks as the 4th most in-demand game in college football, behind only Michigan at Ohio State ($330), Auburn at Alabama ($293) andNotre Dame at USC ($221).
Despite these historically high average prices, we did see significant downward price trends impacted by Oregon State and Oregon's losses to Stanford over the past few weeks. In particular, prices fell sharply once Oregon lost this past Saturday. Prior to that point, the average price paid for a Civil War ticket was $214, but in the last 4 days since the loss, the average price paid has fallen to $177 -- a drop of 17%. In just the past 48 hours, the average price for a game ticket has dipped to $145, or a 32% drop as compared to prices prior to this weekend. Needless to say, this has been an expensive game but there may be some deals in the marketplace in light of these recent, late season losses by both teams.
As for the most expensive ticket we've seen purchased for the game -- someone 1 week ago purchased 2 tickets for $1,000a piece in the 200-level Club section. In fact, that is the most expensive Oregon State home ticket we've seen sold within the past 3 years.
As it stands now, the cheapest available ticket to the game is a $78 seat in the very upper deck of Section 227, in Row 33. Seats on the 50-yard line in the lower level are running around $300 on average. All of the latest info on pricing and availability can be found on the destination to find the best priced Oregon State Beaver tickets on the web.
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