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Season of The Giant Killers - Final Thoughts

The 1967 Oregon State Football Season - forever to be known as the season of The Giant Killers -
may not rate in the national consciousness as one of the great achievements in sports history. Conference rules
at the time excluded the team from postseason play, and their 7-2-1 record and No. 7 AP ranking does little to
attract attention outside of the state. In the annals of college football history, the Giant Killers have barely managed a footnote.

But the hearts and minds of the Beaver faithful have not forgotten the splendor, the glory, and the interminable joy embodied
by that amazing year. For nearly three decades, it was the memory of the Giant Killers that inspired hope when hopefulness was in such short supply. It was the memory of the Giant Killers that sustained the devotion
and hardened the resolve of thousands of die-hard fans who refused to give up the dream. It was the memory of the Giant Killers, passed down
through stories told around tailgaters, TVs, and radios, that forged a new generation of Beaver fans who were
not even alive during the Giant Killers' heyday.

Names such as "Earthquake" and the "Great Pumpkin" are as recognized today as they were 35
years ago. The leadership of Preece; the one-two punch of Enyart and Main; the clutch catches of Houser and Cantlon;
the relentless push of Didion and the offensive line; the hard-hitting nastiness of Lewis, Sandstrom, and the defensive
front; the speedy pursuit of Vanderbundt and the linebackers; the glue-like coverage of Waletich and the secondary;
and the sure-footed kicking of Haggard - these individuals are the measuring sticks to which today's players are still compared. And who can forget Head Coach Dee Andros who, more than any other single person, personifies the Giant
Killer legend. He and his coaching staff conceived and molded this team into the awesome gridiron force that it

On October 5, when the Beavers host the UCLA Bruins at Reser Stadium, the University will commemorate the 35th Anniversary of the
Giant Killers. It will be an opportunity for all of us to demonstrate our feelings of affection and appreciation
for these living legends who have been the heroic inspiration to generations of Beaver fans. Stand and cheer, and as you do so, turn
to someone nearby and recount your favorite Giant Killer tale.

Members of the Giant Killers included:
Louis Armstrong III, LB; Duane Barton, FB; Rex Behnke, HB; Jerry Belcher, HB; Steve Boutelle; Ron Boley, DT; Dale
Branch, DT; Roger Cantlon, SE; Gary Cantwell, PK; Clayton Calhoun, E; Sal Cirrincione, FB; John Davis, OG; Steve
Davis, SE; John Didion, C; Mel Easley, DB; Bill Enyart, FB; Jimmy Flanary; Mike Foote, DE; Tom Greerty, DT; Mike
Groff, LB; Harry Gunner, DE; Mike Haggard, PK; Al Halstedt; Jeff Hardrath; Dan Harper, DT; Rick Harrington, DB;
Gary Hartman, DE; Gary Houser, TE; Lee Jamison, OT; Bob Jeremiah, DL; Wally Johnson, LB; Russ Jordan; Bob Jossis,
LB; Rich LaSalle, DE; Mike Leep, DL; Jess Lewis, DT; Al Lightner; Larry Love; Bill Main, HB; Dave Marlette, OG;
Bob Mayes, QB; Joe Mihelich, OG; Fred Milton, LB; Mike Mitchell, QB; Gary Neal, DT; Bill Nelson, DL; Joe Nunez;
Charlie Olds, DB; Rick Olsson, DB; Bill Plumeau, TE; Steve Preece, QB; Rocky Rasley, OG; Larry Rich, S; Nick Rogers,
TE; Jon Sandstrom, DL; Jim Scheele, DB; Kent Scott, OT; Steve Shaw, DE; Clyde Smith, OG; Ernie Smith, DB; Van smith,
OT; Roger Stalick, OT; Joe Stillwell; George Stursa, DL; Don Summers, WB; Skip Vanderbundt, LB; Chris Wahle, DL;
Mark Waletich, S; Pat Wargo; Don Welch, DB; Doug Wells, OT; Mike White, C; Don Whitney, DB; Alan Young, SE

The Coaching Staff of the Giant Killers included:
Dee Andros, Head Coach; Sam Boghosian, Offensive-Line; Rich Brooks, Defensive-Line; Bob Herndon, Offensive Backfield,
Ed Knecht, Defensive Ends and Linebackers, Earl Lunsford; Bud Riley, Defensive Backfield
1967 Postseason Honors
Facing Heisman Finalists: (including their stats against the Giant Killers)
Gary Beban, UCLA: Winner, 1967
-- Passing - 10-18, 157 yards, 0 TD, 1 Int
-- Rushing - 16 rushes, 21 yards, 1 TD
O.J. Simpson, USC: Winner, 1968; Runner-up, 1967
-- Rushing - 33 rushes, 188 yards, 0 TD
-- Receiving - 2 catches, 0 yards, 0 TD
Leroy Keyes, Purdue: Runner-up, 1968; Third place, 1967
-- Rushing - 14 rushes, 74 yards, 2 TD
-- Receiving - 5 catches, 57 yards, 0 TD
Mike Phipps, Purdue: Runner-up, 1969
-- Passing - 17-35, 169 yards, 0 TD, 3 Ints
-- Rushing - 10 rushes, 13 yards, 0 TD

Final Rankings:
AP - No. 7
Coaches - No. 8
AAWU (Pac-10 predecessor) - Second Place

All-Coast Players:
Jess Lewis, DT
Jon Sandstrom, DG

Bill Enyart, FB
Gary Houser, WR
Dave Marlette, OG

OSU Hall-of-Fame Members:
John Didion
Bill Enyart
Jess Lewis
Billy Main
Steve Preece
Jon Sandstrom
Skip Vanderbundt
The entire 1967 Football Team was inducted in 1997
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Thanks also to Oregon State SID Hal Cowan.