Saluting Lyle Moevao

The story has been told and told again. Oregon State has been blessed for the past three years with two top caliber quarterbacks. They battled and they fought. And in the end the Beavers could not have made it where they are today without both of their leadership skills and athletic ability.
While Lyle Moevao waits for word on his appeal to the NCAA for a sixth-year of eligibility, it is time for BeaverBlitz to salute him and take a look back at his career and celebrate his accomplishments on and off the field.
Moevao completed his requirements for graduation in December and has graduated with a degree in Sociology with an option in Criminology.
"For now I plan on coming back for another year of eligibility for the 2010 season," Moevao said. "If that doesn't happen, then I plan on training for next year's OSU pro-day. My long term goal is to join a police department in Oregon or California."
Lyle's big smile and contagious laugh were always a welcome sight on the Beaver sideline and during practice. He quickly became a fan favorite, but many forgot that he almost attended Nebraska out of El Camino Junior College.
"After verbally committing to the University of Nebraska, I chose to sign with Oregon State because of the program, players and coaches, but most importantly it was the family environment that was all around," he said. "Looking back on my college career I feel that I made the best choice out of the two schools."
"I have learned so many things from people not only from within the football program, but also from others that I've met throughout the years," he continued.
Moevao was quick to point out that he has grown so much as a football player and person throughout his college career and he had high praise for Head Coach Mike Riley for helping him throughout his journey.
"When it comes to growing as a football player, there are so many aspects from learning how to deal with the lifestyle of being a college player to learning the game of football," he said. "Then you have to balance the life of being a football player and school. It has been a long development for me, which I really don't think ever stops."
"For me the one person who has really helped me develop into not only a better player but a better person would have to be Coach Riley," he continued. "Coach Riley has been a blessing to me throughout my career here at Oregon State. I'm sure a lot of the players, present and past, can tell you that Coach Riley is more than just a coach. He has become a father figure to a lot of us, including myself. I know that I wouldn't be the same player that I am today without his help and guidance."
It isn't shocking that Moevao names the 2008 victory against USC as his favorite football memory. He's had many that stand out, but that Thursday evening really stands out.
"During the game not only were we the players into it but the fans were too," he said. "It was a nationally televised game and we were playing the #1 team in the nation. I think that looking back at that game, all of my teammates were confident in what was about to happen and just looking into their eyes you could tell that we believed that we'd win."
"After that, the rest is history," he continued. "I remember being in the middle of the field smiling up at the stands after taking the victory snap. It was a boost for our program showing the country that Oregon State is one of the most prestigious teams in the nation."
The Beavers used that game as a springboard for the season and Moevao remembers Coach Riley using that game to help prepare the team for the rest of the season.
"From that game on we knew we had something going for us, as long as we continued to play each game as if it were our last," he said.
When the demands of being a college football player and student let up, Moevao enjoyed outdoor activities and playing video games with his teammates. At the end of the day he really just liked being able to spend time with friends and family whenever he had the chance.
Moevao's legacy with the Beavers is etched. He will forever be a fan favorite for his warm personality and big smile. As he waits for word from the NCAA, he asked us to thank those in Beaver Nation who have stood by him throughout his career.
Here is his message…in his own words.
"I'm sure a lot of people know a lot about me already because of the many interviews or articles that I have done for the news and newspaper articles, but I just wanted to thank all of the people who have supported me throughout my career. I understand that there are many fans out there, but there are also people who aren't fans, yet they have supported me through times that have been difficult. For that, I thank you. Even the Duck fan who hates everything about OSU, yet took the time to tell me that they prayed for me through my time of injuries during my senior season, I thank you too."
"Lastly I'd also like to say that I have given my heart and soul for this program, just like the rest of the players, and I will continue to do so throughout the rest of my life towards anything I set my plans on. Thank you Beaver Nation for your support, prayers and cheers throughout the years. Go Beavers!"