Oregon star ready to shine for Beavers

Beaver Nation might soon be able to breathe a sigh of relief. Safety and baseball player, Jordan Poyer of Astoria High School will not be gray shirting, he will be coming into the OSU football program in the fall. Poyer sat down and discussed his situation yesterday evening with the Beaver Blitz.
"I will be coming into football camp in early August, at the regular time. Coach Beck told me that my status was being changed, and that I was going to be on the team in the fall. He didn't tell me why, but I believe some recruit didn't qualify, or they are worried that I might go in the Major League Draft in June," Poyer said.
There are many Major League teams that have contacted this amazing three sport athlete.
"The Florida Marlins, New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, San Francisco Giants, Cincinnati Reds, and the Baltimore Orioles, have all been saying they might draft me. How high I get drafted could dictate if I might sign. My family has a dollar number in our head of what it would take to sign a contract for baseball. I would need to be drafted in about the 6th round or better to make it work. Football is my first love, but I do need to take care of myself and my family. To do what's best for us," Jordan thoughtfully pointed out.
"For me to give up my first love football, travel to another area, and play in 110 degree weather, it will take a lot," Jordan laughed.
The Beavers will be making full use of Poyer's considerable athletic skills.
"I will be playing baseball there also. I have been talking to Coach Casey and Coach Bailey, and they say I could be a starting center fielder. Oregon State is supportive about me playing two sports," Poyer commented.
Certainly Poyer's baseball stats this year have given OSU baseball coach Pat Casey, a reason to have him on the team.
"I have only given up four runs this whole season, and I have already pitched two no hitters," Jordan said.
When Poyer asked the coaching staff about his chances of playing right away, he learned about life in a big time college football. Coach Beck told me that only two players played last year as a true freshman and one on them was Quizz, the other was a punter, so I do think I will be red shirting next year," Jordan said.
"I went to the OSU spring game, and I was watching the secondary, and could see myself competing for playing time. I like the scheme of the defense," Poyer was quick to say.
Since Jordan was such a stand out offensive player in high school, where he was responsible for over 60 touchdowns this year, Blitz asked him if the coaching staff had discussed him playing offense.
"I would like to see what I could do with the ball in my hands. If they asked me to play wide out, I think I could do it if they gave me the chance," Poyer said with confidence.
People across the country have heard about his play. Poyer was selected to compete in the Team USA Football All-Star Game. "We will be playing France on June 12. If we win that game, we will play our next game on ESPN. Later in the summer I will be playing in the Shine All-Star Football Game in LaGrande."
Jordan wanted to tell Beaver Nation that, "I'm excited to be a Beaver. I have been watching the players and coaches since I was little. I am looking forward to playing with them now," Jordan was proud to say.
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