For the first time this spring, the Beavers were dealt with wet conditions on the Prothro Practice Fields as the team went through the full 2.5 hour session in what was at times pouring rain.

Mother Nature provided some great Oregon “Fall” weather for the Beavers to work on fundamentals that you normally cannot. Footballs are harder to catch, grip, and throw in addition to playing on a slick surface.

Practicing outside during wet weather is something you very rarely see at OSU as the Beavers usually utilize the Truax Center to get out of the rain.

With conditions dry at the start of practice, the Beavers elected to stay outside for the remainder even when the rain turned on. Despite being quite soaked after practice, the Beavers were able to practice effectively in conditions that aren’t regularly used. Other than in-game action, OSU isn’t usually at the mercy of the weather and that’s why today will end up paying off in the long run for the Beavers when it comes to having the upper-hand in wet conditions.