After talking to offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Brian Lindgren, it’s clear the offense is getting a completely new look next season.

“I don’t think we’re playing fast enough right now,” Lindgren said. “I do think we’re starting to form a rhythm and we’ve seen glimpses of the tempo -- ­­­we’re moving in the right direction, but it’s not where we really want it yet.”

Lindgren made it clear that the tempo of the offense will be increased and much quicker. This means not only playing at a faster pace but increased hustle and focus while under pressure as well. Players are having to learn a new offensive playbook and are starting to understand the expectations of what the offensive coaching staff is looking for.

Many of the drills through the first four days have been focused on preaching good fundamentals and technique. Much of the quarterback and offensive work has been centered on moving the ball downfield, 10 yards at a time. Lindgren emphasized that as spring football continues, there will start to be more situational type of practice and drills.

“Today was a review of the first three days and I thought we cleaned up a lot of things and I like the direction we’re headed,” Lindgren said. “Now as we get more into spring, it’s going to become more situational stuff. We’ll get down in the redzone, quarterbacks going through 2-minute drills & clock management and we’ll work on 3rd-down stuff.”

In terms of crafting the quarterback depth chart, Lindgren once again echoed the words of head coach Johnathan Smith.

“The first days were about getting a feel for the different player’s skillsets by rotating them through and giving everyone a chance,” Lindgren said. “As we go through spring, we’re going to continue to narrow the reps a little bit and focus on two, three, or four guys to where we can get those guys to compete and win games for us.”