Friday may have been only the second day of spring practice, but it’s becoming more clear that the Beavers have a camaraderie that didn’t exist under the previous regime.

The culture that Jonathan Smith is starting create is one that places a high-emphasis on character and taking care of business -- and it’s showing. Whether it’s Jeffrey Manning Jr. racing to the sideline to pick up a dropped pass or players staying 15-20 after practice to socialize with each other, the vibe is completely different. It’s not to say that players weren’t close during the Andersen tenure, but rather they are held to a very high standard of excellence under Smith.

Over the past couple days, we’ve heard players say that they don’t want to feel the pain of going 1-11 again, and that’s where the inspired work ethic is coming from. It reminds me a lot of the 2012 offseason where the Beavers were coming off a painful 3-9 campaign but senior leaders like Jordan Poyer and Markus Wheaton said it wasn’t going to happen again. And it didn’t, as the Beavers went on to go 9-4 in 2012. I see a lot of leadership similarities emerging from this years’ group and focusing on the little things will make a world of difference.

Sophomore receiver Isaiah Hodgins, who played a lot of snaps as a true-freshman last season, says the Beavers got complacent last season and weren’t doing things the right way. With Smith at the helm and players being more accountable, you’re seeing the difference in performance and attitude on and off the field.

“There’s definitely a different (mindset),” Hodgins said. “It’s been in the little things. Coaches have been disciplining us so well in terms of going to class, cleaning up the weight room, or putting your foot behind the line when we are doing gassers. We’re just working on the little details that at the end of the day are going to help us come gametime.

“I felt that we were more of a lazy team last season with little details. We really didn’t care and were just going through the motions. You can see that with the new coaches, everyone is motivated and wanting to buy in. We are going to be a much more disciplined team.”