Nearing six months into the head coaching job, coach Smith has successfully completed his first season of spring football.

“It was good and I enjoyed looking at the crowd,” Smith said. “Again though, I’m just impressed watching our players work, our coaches teach and I like the setup.”

Smith was fully involved during the game today, both on the field in the middle of the action and in encouraging strong effort from his players. He was vocal a couple of times with a few different players and was physically expressive whenever a special play was made.

Throughout spring, we’ve written about how coach Smith is trying to build and establish a new culture at Oregon State. With spring ball now finished, it appears many of the players have bought into his vision.

“Something that’s really come into play ever since he [coach Smith] has come in, has been making sure the chemistry is strong,” Jake Luton said. “We’re all enjoying each other, we’re having fun and everybody knows everything about one another, because at the end of the day, we are brothers. We care about each other, we’re having fun and it has been a good time.”