Liuchan finally visits Corvallis

Ricky Liuchan committed to Oregon State last summer. He signed in February. And he hadn't even visited campus until two weeks ago.
Liuchan finally visited Oregon State in late February. It's almost unprecedented for a recruit to commit so early, sign, and still have foregone an official visit to that point.
But that's how Liuchan opted to do things. And now he's glad he finally had the chance to see OSU.
"I visited two weeks ago for my official visit," the San Marcos (Calif.) Mission Hills linebacker told "I just wanted to wait until after my football season because I wanted to focus on my team and deal with all the other stuff later.
"I was really happy that I went up there. I wish I wouldn't have waited so long, but I went anyways."
It was an extended trip for Liuchan. He was in Corvallis for five days altogether, though the first two days were spent just touring the area himself with his family. They drove around town and around campus on their own before the coaches and support staff at OSU took over from there.
"That Monday they gave us a tour of the football building and all the trophies and everything," he said. "We got to see the weight room, which was really cool. I pretty much talked to the whole coaching staff. We were hanging out for a little bit, watching some film. Not really film but kind of a highlight thing. Then we were just all talking. It was a pretty great experience."
Liuchan said he felt comfortable around all of the coaches and he enjoyed meeting a couple of the players currently on the team as well.
"They want to start me at middle linebacker but it depends on how fast I pick up the defense," Liuchan concluded.
The 2014 linebacker recruit had offers from Arizona State, Cal, Iowa State, San Diego State and Washington State in addition to OSU.