Kevin Frahm--Redshirt Review

Looking back throughout this seasons Redshirt Review features, the accolades and praise run deep through this years redshirt class. They have all been mentioned as 'hard workers' who give it their all, so the future looks bright for Beaver football and it is even brighter for defensive end Kevin Frahm who received glowing praise from everyone we spoke to.
"Kevin is our kind of guy, I think people are going to be very surprised by him," said Defensive Coordinator Mark Banker recently. "They loved him (on the practice squad) because he went hard on every play, and at the same time, he knows how to practice," Banker added. "He was never selfish enough to just try and get what he needed; he always did what he was supposed to do to help out our offensive guys."
While the coaches have been impressed with Frahm's work on the field, it is his knowledge of the defensive schemes that he feels he has improved the most during his time in Corvallis.
"I think that the biggest improvement in my game is in my knowledge of the defense, and my role in it. Coach Joe (Seumalo) always talks about building your subconscious awareness of the game and that is something that I feel is developing," said Frahm.
That knowledge of the defense comes not only from hours of study on his own, but throughout his time on the practice field as well, where he simply didn't take time off. If he wasn't drilling, Frahm was observing the veterans in an effort to improve his own skills.
"He would come up and watch us (the defense) because of that open area (directly outside the Indoor Practice Facility), but he could still work out," Banker said. "And he did that ever day. Every day he would be there working out, but still watching what we were doing."
Frahm agreed that practice was his favorite thing to do. When asked about what his favorite memories as a Beaver so far were, Kevin had a different take than his teammates who mentioned the Cal or Oregon victories.
"My most memorable moment so far as a Beaver was when I first got my locker, with my practice jersey in it. That was meaningful for me in so many ways," Frahm said. "But my favorite moments are always at practice. There is something so fun about being part of a team like this with a bunch of guys all trying to get better and attain lofty goals. Everyone is pushing everyone else and the energy level is off the charts."
That energy level is tested day in and day out on the practice field and Frahm knows first hand how tough the Oregon State offensive line really is, and they continually push him to elevate his game in order to be ready for his playing days ahead.
"There are a lot of tough players that I have had to go up against in practice, and that is one of the great things about our team. We have that much depth of talent," said Frahm. "Last season it was a real pleasure to get the opportunity to go up against Roy Schuening. With him going into the NFL next year, and the season he had, it was great for me to go up against him, because he has made me that much more of a player. Of course this year it won't be any easier, because we have so many really talented returning starters like Andy (Levitre), (Adam) Speer, Tavita (Thompson), and (Jeremy) Perry."
Kevin is also quick to point out the help he has had along the way from great coaches and mentors.
"The entire Defensive line family has always been there for me, and I've really appreciated that. From Joe and Inoke, to the great senior class last year that set the bar high, to the awesome group of guys that I will have the pleasure of being in the trenches with this season; everyone is there to get better, but to help you get better too," Frahm said. "And it really is a family. I don't think there is a tighter knit unit on the team than the D-Line."
Off the field, he enjoys reading and has just finished a series of science-fiction novels written by a Russian psychologist. He also lost a loved one recently, which taught him a very valuable lesson.
"Recently I have lost someone from my family who was very important to me, and who I loved very much," Kevin shared. "From this experience I have found that it is important to tell the people that you care about in your life how you feel about them while they are with you."
And while the praise of his peers and coaches has been piled high for Kevin Frahm, Coach Banker made a statement that will resonate well with Beaver Nation.
"I think, and this is a tall order, but he just has the attitude that resembles Inoke Breckterfield," Banker said.
Those are some very big shoes to fill, but we've seen Frahm on the practice field and he just may have the motor to pull it off.
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