Hawaiian lineman is making the rounds

Assistant coach Mike Cavanaugh certainly made the rounds when he made his most recent trip to the Hawaiian Islands in May, and that included hitting up the island of Maui. Mana Rosa may not get as much publicity as some other prospects since he doesn't live on Oahu, but the strong 6-foot-3, 245-pound DL from Baldwin High School in Wailuku is certainly one the Beavers are watching. Rosa has already picked up two scholarship offers and more could be coming if he keeps on performing this off-season.
"I just got back from a combine this past weekend and it was the best combine I've had," Rosa said. "I did good in the one-on-ones which was good. I've been lifting and running and I've been working on my strength."
Already pretty strong as it is, Rosa also brings a good level of athleticism to either the defensive end or defensive tackle spots. Two programs have seen fit to try to get him on board, and many others - including the Beavers - are lurking.
"Right now, UNLV and Utah are my offers and I'm hearing a lot from Pac-10 and Mountain West schools like Oregon State, Oregon, Washington, Washington State, Cal, and Arizona. They've all said that they want to see me at my best this year, so I'm excited to do that."
Cavanaugh has been in touch with Rosa, but he's also gotten to know Oregon State's usual Island talent hunter, assistant coach Mark Banker. The relationship with the two coaches has helped build a positive impression of OSU with Rosa.
"I've kind of always wanted to go to Oregon - I think it's a cool state," Rosa said. "With Oregon State, Coach (Mike) Cavanaugh is pretty cool and so is Coach (Mark) Banker."
Rosa is still learning more about OSU - as well as the other schools recruiting him. He's open to anything that fits what he's looking for at this time.
"Probably a good education as I want to graduate from college," Rosa said. "I also want to go where I can have fun."
Rosa wouldn't mind making an early move about his future.
"Probably right before the season starts, if I see what I like I'll make a decision," Rosa said. "But I'm not sure yet."
Will the Beavers be the first Pac-10 school to make a move on the Baldwin High School lineman? Stay tuned to for the latest on Rosa and other top prospects from the Class of 2009.