Getting to know Alex Linnenkohl

It took a few years, but Alex Linnenkohl is finally showing off the talent that made him one of the Beavers top recruits in 2006. The junior to be from Olympia, Washington was impressive last season at center and was one of the main reasons the line surprised last season. With the departure of stalwarts Andy Levitre and Adam Speer, he will be counted on to help lead the unit this season. Here's some quick tidbits on the ever personable Linnenkohl.
Nickname(s): Axe, Big Al, and Rose. "And then here, they call me the Tasmanian devil sometimes. When I was coming up in fall camp, they'd throw the ball and I'd break on it and go 40 yards down field and try to block somebody… I'm always trying to run faster than I can, like I am out of control and going crazy."
Best prank he's pulled on someone: "On everybody's birthday depending if the day is when we are practicing or lifting, if we are all in the locker room, one of the o-line traditions is we will snatch them up in their clothes and take them to the cold tub and throw them in there." (He was quick to add they remove items such as cell phones, keys, etc.).
Teammate most likely to win American Idol: "You know who is a really good singer and nobody knows is Stephen Paea. So I'd probably put him on it, he'd probably do whatever he wants. He's got a beautiful voice."
Favorite athlete of the opposite sex: OSU softball player Katelyn Miller.
Celebrity crush: "I used to love Jennifer Love Hewitt back in that Can't Hardly Wait stuff, but now she's getting a little older and has been in many movies. She's still pretty hot though, but I am in the middle of searching for a new one."
Biggest fear: "I am afraid of heights. Not like airplane rides, but like bungee jumping and standing on ledges. I don't really like spiders much but that's mostly because I don't really know spiders that much, whether they are poisonous or not."
The three things he'd have to have if he was stranded on a deserted island: "XBox 360 if I'm trying to live it up, a gun would be pretty fun to have on a deserted island and a lighter of some sort for survival."
Most feared opponent in the Pac-10: "There's a couple linemen down at UCLA that are pretty good DTs. They're fast off the ball and pretty tough to run block. But going against Stephen Paea, that guy is just so impressive."
Favorite historical figure: Reggie White, hall of fame defensive end.
If he could play any other varsity sport at OSU, what would it be: "There's not many guy sports I could get into. I guess it would be baseball because it's pretty fun. I've been on an intramural softball team the past couple years and had fun with that."
What's the latest slang word he uses: "Slap the bass!"
Rock Band or Guitar Hero: "Neither because I not very good at those games. I never really caught onto those games."
How many hours a day does he spend on Facebook/Myspace: "I just got an IPod Touch, so I have a Facebook app. I'm not on Myspace much anymore. I'm quick though, I am not a lingerer. I get in and out."
Favorite quote: "Think of things in the long run."
Favorite Portland Trailblazer, past or present: "I guess I would go with Brandon Roy because he went to Washington. I watched him back when he was there."
American Dream or Woodstock's: "Usually Woodstock's because I know the guy who kind of runs it and we like to chat it up. I delivered pizzas for him last summer."
Movie he thinks we should all watch: Forgetting Sarah Marshall and I Love you, Man.
Music he's been listening to lately: Rush, even though he didn't know any of their songs until seeing I Love you, Man.