BeaversEdge - DAY 4 NUGGETS: QB Depth On Full Display
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DAY 4 NUGGETS: QB Depth On Full Display

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With the Oregon State football team officially taking to the Prothro Practice Fields on Thursday for its fourth practice of spring football 2021, Managing Editor Brenden Slaughter has the scoop from practice...

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- After head coach Jonathan Smith said Saturday's session was full of energy, it certainly carried over to today as the Beavers had little extra zip and pop compared to last week.

- Smith said that Saturday's closed session was equal parts fun and intense, and we got to see a bit of that on Tuesday. Whether it was guys being uber-competitive in one-on-one drills, or sharing a laugh on the sideline, today was a perfect vibe.

- A look at the first-team offense + a few key reserves that were regularly rotating.

LT - Joshua Gray

LG - Jake Levengood

C - Nathan Eldridge

RG - Korbin Sorensen

RT - Brandon Kipper

QB - Ben Gulbranson /Chance Nolan

RB - Deshaun Fenwick / Trey Lowe / Ta'Ron Madison

WR - Tyjon Lindsey / Silas Bolden

WR - TreShaun Harrison / Jesiah Irish

WR - Zeriah Beason / Champ Flemings / Trevor Pope

TE - Teagan Quitoriano /Luke Musgrave / Jake Overman

- In terms of the quarterbacks, it was another good day amongst the position... It's no secret that the Beavers easily have the best collection of talent we've seen in some time, but seeing that depth showcase itself is impressive to see. It's going to be very interesting to see how this battle continues to play out over spring and into fall because for the first time in a very long time, OSU has multiple QB's capable of winning games.

- A drill that the receivers were working on caught my eye... Position coach Kefense Hynson throws a 5-10 yard pass at a receiver that he has to catch and secure while two teammates are moving in sync with him, wrapping towels around each arm and tugging. In essence, it's a basic pitch and catch except that there are two 'defenders' that are pulling on the receivers' arm, making catches a lot more difficult. Haven't really seen this drill before, so it was certainly neat to watch.

- Per OC Brian Lindgren, Chance Nolan & Ben Gulbranson received the majority of the reps with the 1st and 2nd teams during Saturday's session, while Sam Vidlak ran with the third string. On Tuesday, it appeared the pecking order was similar as Gulbranson was the first QB to receive reps during the live portion of practice, followed by Nolan & Vidlak.

To continue reading the full practice report, including 1st team offensive & defensive rotations, CLICK HERE


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