Cali WR working hard to prove himself

With good height at 6-foot-4, 180-pounds and strength that's improving daily, Spencer Hagan passes the look test as a bigger wide receiver. But the Sacramento (Calif.) Capital Christian athlete knows he needs to prove himself on the field - and he's certainly not afraid of doing that. Hagan has gone out of his way to hit a ton of events this summer, and it if means going back to one for a coaching staff to take a second look - that's exactly what he'll do.
"I've been going to tons and tons of camps - it's been crazy," Hagan said. "I've been to Cal's, UCLA's, I'm going to Stanford's and Washington's - I've been to a lot. Some of the camps I do really, really good and some not so good - I think it depends on the amount of kids that are there. If it's a huge camp I don't get many reps at all and it's kind of a waste of time, but at the camps with fewer people I get more."
Oregon State was one camp that was of the latter variety for Hagan, and it was one where he was able to make a good impression.
"I went to the Oregon State camp (two weekends ago) and they invited me back for their second one (this past weekend)," Hagan said. "At the second one, there were about 12 receivers there and I got lots of reps. I love the coaches there. Coach (Mike) Riley is a great guy and he's friendly - he's not one of those guys that if you do things wrong he'll call you out. He's very personable."
The second trip for Hagan was good not just from a football perspective, but also in that it gave him a chance to look at the school and area a little more closely.
"The first I was there it was raining, so I couldn't see much but the next time I was there it was 80 degrees outside," Hagan said. "The campus is great and it's beautiful there. Coach Riley has really done good there the past two years."
Hagan isn't exactly where he stands in terms of getting a scholarship offer, but the fact he was invited back for a second look definitely means something. It was also good enough to get the Beavers into his top two along with Cal, which he's liked for quite some time.
"I've been there many times and I like the head coach and the wide receivers coach - they're both good guys," Hagan said. "I like the program overall and of course, I like the school."
Hagan listed Washington, Washington State, and Stanford as the other Pac-10 schools recruiting him and indicated that he has scholarship offers from Montana State and Portland State - where older brother Kramer will be a freshman quarterback in 2008.
Currently trying to improve his strength, Hagan notes that he's also hoping to improve coming out of his breaks faster. Stay tuned to to see if Oregon State takes the next step with him in his recruitment.