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Oregon St. was a pioneer in West Coast Recruiting for a long time. They were among the first programs to recruit Hawaii, and they were among the first programs to prove that the state of Nevada had recruits worth signing.
As those states became saturated with other programs, the Beavers have picked up and moved from those outposts. Over the last two seasons they have explored Samoa and boosted their investment in California.
They are also returning to regions that have paid dividends in the past.
Coach Chris Brasfield continues to prove he's been a smart hire. Not only did he pluck four-star talent from California last season, he's establishing himself in Louisiana and Texas.
Don't be surprised if Brasfield lands a RB and WR out of Texas and Louisiana. The Beavers have earned a reputation among Texas HS Coaches as a great destination for skill players.
The state of Oregon is also producing talent. The Beavers quietly lead for a pair of in-state athletes with high ceilings: Johnny Ragin and Skylar Phillips.
Phillips is the type of athlete who would benefit greatly under Coach Mike Cavanaugh. With Phillips there are similarities to former Beaver Andy Levitre who bought into Coach Cav's tough love and landed in the NFL.
Click Here to view this Link. was present for Ragin's participation at Nike's The Opening. Ragin could continue the heritage of fast, impactful, outside linebackers. He'll likely receive other offers, but there are numerous reasons he would benefit from Oregon State's Trent Bray and the Oregon St. defense.
Oregon St. appears to be studying their scholarship distribution more effectively than other seasons. They have JUCO offers at Defensive Tackle (4), Linebacker (4), Defensive End (3), Safety (3), Cornerback (2), Offensive Tackle (2), Wide Receiver (1), and Tight End (1).
It doesn't take a self-admitted recruitnik to recognize the number of defensive players is higher than the offensive players by a 4:1 ratio. That's no surprise to those of us in The Lodge. In recent seasons the Beavers have struggled to provide defensive depth.
Part of the reason for the depth chart issue is Mike Riley's decision to skew the number of coaches that recruit on offense (5) and the number of recruiting coaches on defense (3).
Coach Rod Perry (who hasn't recruited in 15 years) has improved the quality of play in the secondary, but isn't mentioned during interviews by recruits. Again, it's not a surprise considering it will take time to build relationships, though some hoped his name would inspire instant recruiting success.
When the BeaverBlitz Watch List comes out later this week, there will be more JUCO athletes on it than in the past. The victory against Wisconsin made a strong impact on several recruits, and none more than JUCO Edwin Delva (DT, Antelope Valley, 6-3, 290).
If Coach Joe Seumalo and staff can land his commitment it should be considered a huge step toward ensuring a presence in the middle next season. His presence at the Wisconsin showcase couldn't have come at a better time.
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