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BeaversEdge.com Testimonial Page

BeaversEdge.com is the ultimate source for Oregon State fans to get the scoop on football and basketball recruiting (both men's and women's) as well as getting the latest news and analysis inside Oregon State.

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Brenden Slaughter - Publisher (@b_slaught)

Dylan Callagan-Croley - Recruiting Analyst (@DylanCC_FB)

T.J. Mathewson - Contributing Writer

But why should you subscribe to us? Several of our members have a message about why they are current subscribers to BeaversEdge.com.


From mciaffoni:

"Like many, I was skeptical at first of BeaversEdge. I was a loyal follower of the previous regime that operated the rivals site and was unsure about what to expect from the new crew. However, I decided to give them a chance and am more than happy that I did. BeaversEdge flat out kills it on football recruiting coverage. Frequently, Mike and his team were first to break news about recruits, and his recruiting nuggets were always something I looked forward to on the Tuesday chat.

"Another bonus of BeaversEdge is the community of posters. I have been, and still am, a member at other message board sites, and can say from first-hand experience that the people at BeaversEdge are top notch. I don't fear being chastised for my views just because they might be different. There seems to be an understanding among fellow members that while we may see a topic differently, we all want what is best for OSU. I have not found that to be the same on other sites.

"I would sign-on my full recommendation to anyone for Beaversedge, but especially if you are a fan of recruiting, you will not be disappointed."



"I resisted the urge to join a pay site for years, thinking I was getting enough OSU Football info from public media. Boy was I wrong. I finally bit the bullet and joined BeaversEdge a few months before signing day 2017 with the intention to end my subscription in February. That didn’t happen. I found that within BeaversEdge, there is not only a bounty of great information on recruiting, but also a great community of like-minded Beavers’ fans.

"I have enjoyed the camaraderie so much that I am on the message-boards daily, exchanging banter with my OSU brethren. The information shared is not just recruiting related, or OSU Football related. We talk about all things OSU and Corvallis. We discuss favorite beer, places to go, etc. It’s a community as I said, and there seems to be a genuine interest in each other as well. I have enjoyed my membership to BeaversEdge, and figure on keeping it in perpetuity."


From HardRockFan1:

"I subscribe to BeaversEdge because I get up to date information on Football, Basketball, Baseball and other sports in between. The recruiting information is accurate and very objective. When a recruit is leaning in a different direction we know. We also get updates on how other schools in the Pac 12 are recruiting as well.

"I like the content at BeaversEdge. Some of the articles are short and sweet and some are longer reads. The writers are very responsive to suggestions for content, and they do their best to respond to new needs as they arise and sometimes even before we know it! The addition of the podcast for BeaversEdge is awesome and brings us new content from potential players, current sports writers and they always take questions from the subscribers.

"The message board is very easy to navigate on your phone if you are on the go or at home on a PC or laptop or tablet of any form. I check my BeaversEdge on my iPhone several times a day easily.

"The best part about being a member of BeaversEdge is the people I have gotten to know and discuss all things sport and a lot of non-sports issues as well. BEEF, HailtheFlattail, GoBeavs77, QBeaver, unobeaverfan, wesley14, Dr. Beav, Nazarite, jumpdrive, and the list goes on! Even when we disagree, we do it respectfully and there is always lively discussion, especially during football season.

"BeaversEdge brings me the best content and the most up to date information on Beavers Football and a lot of things in between. "

Join the best Oregon State fan community on the web at BeaversEdge.com!
Join the best Oregon State fan community on the web at BeaversEdge.com!

From Fullwiler22:

"BeaversEdge is a great community of Beaver fans that every die hard is looking for. You will find yourself checking the forums on an hourly bases for the great recruiting content or to simply check in on the discussions occurring within Beaver Nation. There is no other site that matches the quality of recruiting content from an unbiased perspective. Whether it's football practice reports, recruiting info, baseball coverage, basketball coverage (women's and men's), or insider info on the happenings within the program, you will find it all on BeaversEdge.

"When it comes time to renew my subscription every year I never give it a second thought. You can't put a price on what this site has to offer."


From GoBeavs77:

"BeaversEdge truly is my "go to" source of information on all things OSU Athletics--particularly Football, Men's Basketball, Women's Basketball and Men's Baseball (Other sports are also covered, but the big four gets the majority of the "ink"--and rightfully so). The coverage is extremely thorough, in-depth and impartial. While definitely a pro-Beaver site, it is not simply a "rah rah" page for OSU sports--nice to not have everything you read tainted by orange-colored glasses.

"I'm a Beaver junkie. I subscribe to several sites that cover OSU athletics. Like many of you, I simply just cannot get enough information and insight into Beaver sports. That said, BeaversEdge is at the top of the list for providing the in-depth coverage that we Beaver fans crave. Their writers/reporters provide quality information in articles, game threads, video interviews and regular podcasts. There are also weekly chats during the football season that provide some of the best recruiting "nuggets" that can't be found anywhere else. Mike Singer, Brenden Slaughter and other contributors are top notch. In addition, folks who are experts as well as B-Edge subscribers, also freely share their knowledge and expertise. Great information at a great value!

"The other aspect of BeaversEdge that I enjoy is the calm, familial tone this site has over the others. Posters and members of B-Edge are welcoming and encourage open discussion and dialogue. Other sites have their "experts" who do not seem to tolerate opinions that are different than their own (can you say, "Snarky"?). On B-Edge, it rarely gets negative nor does it ever seem to get personal. I can't say that for all of the other sites. In fact, many of us on BeaversEdge look for ways to get together such as tailgating, pub crawls, sharing tickets, etc. B-Edgers are extremely passionate folks about their beloved OSU Beavers, but are very friendly and open-minded. BeaversEdge is the definition of COMMUNITY.

Proud to be a B-Edger! GO BEAVS!


From Hailtheflattail:

"BeaversEdge is the most enjoyable and welcoming collection of die hard Beaver fans I've been around. Mike helps me keep up to date on recruiting, scores, news and anything else related to Oregon State athletics in one place while also allowing me to be part of insightful discussions and analysis. BeaversEdge allows you to see behind the scenes and glimpse into the minds of OSU coaches and administrators.

"When the seasons roll around BeaversEdge allows me to keep in contact with other die hard fans, find tickets and partake in the occasional tailgate extravaganza.

"Aside from all the serious discussion, we also leave room for all the jokes and duck humor one could handle because everyone knows ducks provide plenty of fodder when it comes to getting in trouble and cutting corners. Hey Willie Lyles!"


From SCbeavs:

"I decided to subscribe to BeaversEdge.com to get the inside scoop on Beaver athletics. It has been a great decision. I joined right before the 2016 Civil War football game, because I decided I wanted to know more about the teams I love to follow. At the Edge, you get updates on all the sports that you follow. Live chats for football recruiting are detailed, insightful, and filled with nuggets! If you want to see the Beavs in more detail and see the future of Beaver athletics, I would highly recommend joining the Edge.

"Daily practice reports give you current information on how the Beavs are shaping up. The newly featured podcast, with Mike Singer and Brenden Slaughter, gives great updates on recruiting, the practice, as well as interviews. Whether on the field, court, or diamond the Edge is your place for great Beaver sports content. You won't regret it, I sure don't. Go Beavs!"


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