1. The QB battle is wide open

When Jonathan Smith came to Oregon State in December, he made it crystal clear that every position group was going to be wide open and through the first week of spring ball, quarterback seems to be no exception. Jake Luton, Mason Moran, Aidan Willard, Jack Colletto, Conor Blount and Nick Moore have all taken reps. As the week went on, it appeared that Luton, Willard, and Moran were the frontrunners so to speak, but it’s still very early and no one guy has played head and shoulders above the rest.

With how unlucky (to put it nicely) the Beavers have been at picking the right quarterback over the past several years, Smith and Co. can’t afford to pick the wrong guy too soon, so I expect them to take their time and pick a guy when he emerges.

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