BeaversEdge - 5 Takeaways from Oregon State's Spring Game
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5 Takeaways from Oregon State's Spring Game

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Today is the last day to access this promo!

1. Quarterbacks had a so-so day

Where else to start but the quarterback play... Well, I'm sure this is the opinion of just about everybody that watching Oregon State's spring game, er... spring showcase? Not exactly sure what to call it anymore. But back to the topic -- the quarterbacks had an underwhelming performance as a whole, in my opinion, but they were better throughout spring practices than what they showed today. Jake Luton was not very sharp and tossed an interception. It looked like he didn't even see Jalen Moore, who easily intercepted the pass. Jack Colletto was decent in his first showing in front of fans in front of Reser; his 20+ yard scramble was the highlight of his afternoon. Conor Blount easily had the best day as he made a few sweet throws down the sideline and had a pair of touchdown passes. Blount looked the most comfortable and threw the best ball, and it wasn't even close. Aidan Willard also had a drive in the scrimmage portion, but the competition is a three-horse race between Luton, Colletto,and Blount. This was just one practice, so I'd caution OSU fans reading this from overreacting. Luton is still my guy and I'm sticking with him, although Blount looked very good today.

2. So many injured players today

Just some of the guys that didn't scrimmage today: Isaiah Hodgins, Trevon Bradford, Tuli Wily-Matagi, Noah Togiai, Xavier Crawford, Shawn Wilson, Dwayne Williams, David Morris, and Omar Hicks Onu. That's just off the top of my head too. It's really hard to get any idea of what the starting groups look like after today, especially in the defensive backfield. As Jonathan Smith has mentioned on a few occasions though, having these injuries gives younger guys a chance to get more first and second team reps, which pays off in the long run.

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