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2020 Signee Jake Overman Talks Life After Signing

The recruitment of Anaheim (CA) tight end Jake Overman was one that Oregon State fans watched closely all throughout 2019. There was always a ton of mutual interest between Overman and the staff, but no one could get too good of a feel for which way the California playmaker was leaning.

The story ended well for everyone involved, as Overman would end up signing with Oregon State in December. Since then, the tight end has stayed busy, continued working hard and has no remorse about his decision.

“Everything has been great,” Overman said. “Everything that the coaches preached has been true, the relationships are still building and getting stronger. I am just locked in and have absolutely no regrets about signing with Oregon State.”

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In the BeaversEdge class of 2020 signee superlatives, Jake Overman won the award for "best recruiting job" by the staff. It was a long road, almost an entire year, but the coaches made Overman a priority and did a fantastic job reeling him into Corvallis.

“It was like a year from when we first started talking to when I signed, so it was definitely a long road,” said Overman. “They were persistent the whole time, never pressured me, gave me my time and also showed me how bad they wanted me. Overall, I have said it 100 times, it is just the best fit for me.”

Perhaps one of the biggest bumps was when the Beavers received a commitment from Tommy Spencer while Overman was on an official visit. It could have been detrimental, but the Oregon State staff handled the situation as well as possible. Not only that, but because of the great personality that Overman has, he immediately thought of the situation as one he could benefit from.

“We definitely had to talk that night as a family and we also talked to the staff,” said Overman. “It didn’t really set anything back though. I got in contact with him shortly after he committed, and we have probably talked every week and will be roommates. I am really excited to have a friendly competition with Tommy and all of the tight ends.”

It was hard to get a read on Overman throughout his recruitment, but it was always apparent that Oregon State was a major contender. According to Jake, it was always the Beavs.

“I never really had doubt with Oregon State,” Overman said. “I felt confident throughout the entire process because they always made me feel comfortable and welcome.”

Now that he has been locked in for a few months, Overman has seen the pressure of making such a tough decision go away, but still feels the pressure of living up to the standards he and his peers have for himself.

“There is definitely still some pressure,” Overman told BeaversEdge. “My teachers and trainers push me harder because they know what is going to be coming in and out of the classroom at a great university. A lot of eyes are on me and I am making sure I get things done.”

Overman is set to arrive in June, and is excited to show himself and Beaver nation that all of his hard work has paid off.


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