20 questions with quarterback Lyle Moevao

Even though Lyle Moevao was sidelined this spring while recovering from offseason surgery, he remained upbeat as ever. It also gave us a chance to catch up with him and get a little bit of a glimpse of the non-football side of him. Here's 20 facts about the senior quarterback . . .
Nickname(s): Chunky, Three.
Best prank he's pulled on someone: "Every year, it's an annual thing, Sean (Canfield) and I we usually drop water balloons on the incoming freshmen every fall camp."
Teammate most likely to win American Idol: Patrick Henderson, "He always likes to sing even though a lot of people know he can't sing. He still thinks he can. I think with his effort, he can win anything.
Favorite athlete of the opposite sex: Bethany Hamilton, a surfer who lost her arm in a shark attack when she was 13. "She lost a limb and she was a professional before that. She didn't let that get to her after that happened. She's still professional and riding."
Celebrity crush: Lyle admitted there are a lot of them. So we let him list his top three. Jessica Alba, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jennifer Lopez.
Biggest fear: "Not being able to play football again."
The three things he'd have to have if he was stranded on a deserted island: "A football, some gear to catch some crab and the last thing I'd have to have is a laptop so I could have the internet."
Most feared opponent in the Pac-10: "Hahaha, my most feared opponent in the Pac-10 is (teammate Stephen Paea, because every time I think he's not there, he is and that strikes fear into anyone."
Favorite historical figure: "I'd have to say one of my close family friends. His name is Gene Kendrick. Growing up he taught me a lot of things. Taught me how to play golf and the things that go along with life."
Most important current issue to him: "The overcrowding of prisons. With a lot of prisoners being let out early, we are seeing a lot of serious crimes going on and other stuff like that. So they need a lot more space."
Secret talent: "I'm pretty good at video games. A lot of people don't really think I play many video games, which I don't. Every now and then when I have time, it's pretty surprising to people." (He claims to be especially good at Call of Duty).
If he could play any other varsity sport at OSU, what would it be: "If they had a men's volleyball team, that would be pretty fun. I could definitely see myself playing some volleyball."
What's the latest slang word he uses: "What's up!"
Rock Band or Guitar Hero: "Rock Band because you get a little bit of everything. I like playing the drums, even though I must say I am guitar guy."
How many hours a day does he spend on Facebook/Myspace: "Probably two hours."
Favorite quote: "Live life to the fullest."
Favorite Portland Trailblazer, past or present: "Clyde Drexler, he was pretty cool back in his time."
American Dream or Woodstock's: American Dream.
Movie he thinks we should all watch: Seven Pounds with Will Smith. "It was really inspirational and it just reminds you to enjoy what you have and be grateful."
Music he's been listening to lately: J-Boog, a reggae artist from back home in California