April 24, 2012

Day 13 rewind: Making progress

Temperatures may have dropped inside Reser for Tuesday's practice but the intensity certainly did not. It was a pretty crisp day of practice and Coach Cavanaugh wasn't heard from as much as usual, a good sign for the offensive line. Tyler Perry, Mana Rosa, DJ Welch and Geno Munoz took the day off again.

Special teams went off without a hitch, as field goal and kick return was covered. Nothing new to report on that front other than Richard Mullaney moved into the placekick holding spot.

Whether or not that move is permanent remains to be seen, but it would certainly make sense. Think Taylor Kavanaugh of a few years ago, great hands.

Today's focus was heavily on team drills, but one play on 1-on-1 drills stood out and is worth mentioning. Castro Masaniai has looked stronger every day and even got in on some team drills towards the end of practice (without leg pads, mind you).

In 1-on-1's Castro went up against Jake Welch who stood him straight up and threw him flat on his back into the turf. A simple mention of Welch's strength wouldn't do that play justice; this set of eyes has never seen Castro literally thrown to the ground. If Jake can pick up the nuances of center, that's a lot of strength/beef in the middle of the line.

Team Drills:

Offense: 9
Defense: 5

Tallying the "positive" plays had the offense in front nine to five for the first team session. The first play went for about 30 as Kevin Cummings broke free over the deep middle and was hit in stride by Sean Mannion.

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